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I Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in the correct form:

cause   damage   hold   include    invite   make   overtake   show    translate    write

1) Many accidents ______ by dangerous driving.

2) Cheese ______ from milk.

3) The roof of the building______ in a storm a few days ago.

4) There's no need to leave a tip. Service ______ in the bill.

5) You ______ to the wedding. Why didn't you go?

6) A cinema is a place where films ______ every four years.

7) In the United States, elections for President:::::: every four years.

8) Originally the book _____ in Spanish and a few years ago it _____ into English.

9) We were driving along quite fast but we ______ by lots of other cars.

Rješenje: are caused, is made, was damaged, is included, were invented, are shown, are held, was written... was translated, were overtaken.

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II Write questions using the passive. Some are present and some are past.

1) Ask about the telephone. (when/invent?) ______________________________

2) Ask about glass. (how/make?) How__________________________________

3) Ask about Australia. (when/discover?) ________________________________

4) Ask about silver. (what/use/for?) _____________________________________

5) Ask about television. (when/invent?) __________________________________


1) When was the telephone invented?

2) How is glass made?

3) When was Australia discovered?

4)What is silver used for?

5) When was television invented?

III Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or past simple, active or passive.

1) It's a big factory. Five hundred people are _______ (employ) there.

2) Water _______ (cover) most of the Earth's surface.

3) Most of the Earth's surface _______ (cover) by water.

4) The park gates _______ (lock) at 6.30 p.m. every evening.

5) The letter _______ (post) a week ago and it _____ (arrive) yesterday.

6) The boat _______ (sink) quickly but fortunately everybody _______ (rescue).

7) Ron's parents _______ (die) when he was very young. He and his sister _______ (bring) up by their grandparents.

8) I was born in London but I ______ (grow) up in the north of England.

9) While I was on holiday, my camera ______ (steal) from my hotel room.

10) While I was on holiday, ma camera _______ (disappear) from my hotel room.

11) Why ________ (Sue/resign) from her job? Didn't she enjoy it?

12) Why ________ (Bill/sack) from his job? What did he do wrong?

13) The company is not independent. It _______ (own) by a much larger company.

14) I saw an accident last night. Somebody _______ (call) an ambulance but nobody ______ (injure) so the ambulance ________ (not/need).

15) Where ______ (these photographs/take)? In London? ______(you/take) them?

Rješenje: are employed, covers, is covered, are locked, was posted...arrived, sank....was rescued, died....were brought, grew, was stolen, disappeared, did Sue resign, was Bill sacked, is owned, called....was injured....wasn't needed, were these photographs taken....Did you take

IV Rewrite these sentences. Instead of using 'somebody/they/people' etc. write a passive sentence.

1) Somebody cleans the room every day. ______________________________

2) They cancelled all flights because of fog. All__________________________

3) People don't use this road very often.  _______________________________

4) Somebody accudes me of stealing money. I __________________________

5) How do people learn languages?  How ______________________________

6) People advised us not to go out alone. _______________________________


1) The room is cleaned every day.

2) All flights were cancelled because of the fog.

3) This road isn't used very often.

4) I was accudes of stealing money.

5) How ate languages learnt?

6) We were advised not to go out alone.

V Complete these sentences with one of the following verbs (in the correct form):

carry   cause   do   make   repair   send   spend   wake up

Sometimes you need have ('might have', 'could have' etc.).

1) The situation is serious. Something must ____________ before it's too late.

2) I haven't received the letter. It might _______________ to the wrong address.

3) A decision will not ______________ until the next meeting.

4) I told the hotel receptionist that I wanted to ____________ at 6.30 the next morning.

5) Do you think that less money should _______________ on armaments?

6) This road is in bery bad condition. It should ____________ a long time ago.

7) The injured man couldn't walk and had to _____________________.

8) It's not certain how the fire started but it might _____________ by an electrical fault.

Rješenje: be done, have been sent, be made, be woken up, be spent, have been repaired, be carried, have been caused.

VI Rewrite these sectences. Instead of using 'somebody' or 'they', write a passive sentences.

1) Somebody has cleaned the room. _____________________________________

2) They have postoponed the concert. The _________________________________

3) Somebody is using the computer at the moment. The computer ______________

4) I didn't realise that somebody was recording our conversation.                                                       I didn't realise that ____________________________________________________

5) When we got to the stadium we found that they had cancelled the game.                             When we got to the stadium, we found that _________________________________

6) They are building a new ring road round the city. ___________________________

7) They have built a new hospital near the airport. ____________________________


1) The room has been cleaned.

2)The concert has been postponed.

3) The computer is being used at the moment.

4) I didn't realise that our conversation was being recorded.

5) ....we found that the gaem had been cancelled.

6) A new ring road is being built round the city.

7) a new hospital has been built near the airport.

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