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First Conditional (IF rečenice - TIP 1)

I Exerice


1. You (have) ________ to work very hard if you want to pass your English exam.

A) will have

B) have

C) are having


2. You will be tired tomorrow if you (not to go) ___________ to bed soon.

A) don't go

B) won't go

C) aren't going


3. I will see you at the cinema if you (have) _________ the time.

A) have

B) will have

C) are having


4. If you sell more than you did last year you (be) _________ soon on your way.

A) are

B) will be

C) are being


5. If he (find) ________ a good job, he will pay all his bills.

A) finds

B) will finn

C) is finding


6. If he (not accept) _______ our offer, we will have to withdraw.

A) won't accept

B) doesn't accept

C) is not accepting


7. If you (give) _______ me a 10% discount, I'll buy two.

A) are giving

B) give

C) will give


8. If sales (not improve) _________ soon, we will have to lay off some workers.

A) aren't improving

B) won't improve

C) don'r improve


9. IF the report (not be) _________ on my desk tomorrow morning, you will be in big trouble.

A) isn't being

B) won't be

C) isn't


10. If I see you standing around the coffee machine talking again, you (not get) ________ a rise.

A) won't get

B) don't get

C) aren't getting


Rješenja: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4B, 5A, 6B, 7B, 8C, 9C, 10A.


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30/03/2011 11:30